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Natasha Richards

Natasha Richards


Natasha Richards is an actor, comedienne, voice performer and all around vibrant human being. Her passion, exuberance and boundless imagination will make it surprising when you find out she has a twisted sense of humour.

Natasha has had a unique upbringing, having been born in Ontario and raised in Jamaica until the age of 5. She caught the acting bug as a child, and has now delved into comedy. Her comedy idol is Carol Burnett, which she even had the pleasure of meeting.

In comedy, Natasha likes to channel her emotions by making jokes, otherwise she may endlessly cry like Bruce Willis on that one Friends episode.

When Natasha is not on stage making people laugh or in the (virtual) audition room, you can find her at various dog parks walking her rescue pupper, Choco.

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Ty Boissonnault

Ty Boissonnault

Tyler Boissonnault has been performing in the city since he was a teenager. He started off as a musician, but after realizing he wasn’t the right kind of ugly to cut it the music biz, he decided to try stand up comedy. Since that first fateful open mic (where he bombed) he has been a regular on the Vancouver comedy circuit. Once the apocalypse of Covid-19 hit and shut everything down, he shifted his focus to combining his musical and comedy talents together to not only do online performances, but to also start producing shows online.

Tyler is comfortable wherever the show takes him, whether that means he’s behind the camera, on stage, or managing a Zoom audience. His silly goose content and technical capabilities mean that, no matter what, the show will go on.

The Laugh Wild Team

Jessica Pigeau

Jessica Pigeau

Jessica Pigeau is an Albertan ex-pat banished to the west coast for unrepentant vegetarianism. She dresses like Mr. Rogers, talks like Gilbert Gottfried, and writes like nobody else working in modern stand-up. Jessica is best known for her unique stage presence, absurdist sensibilities, and broad appeal.

Diagnosed with Autism in her late teens, Jessica has a flair for topics such as mental health, social alienation, gender ambiguity, and the discordance between urban and rural identity.


  • Potato Alcatraz (Watch in Popup Box!)
  • Adult Virgin (Watch in Popup Box!)

Fat, French and Fabulous

Writer, researcher, co-host (2017 — present)

  • Educational comedy podcast focused on history and true crime.
  • 35,000+ downloads.


Untitled Pilot (2019)

  • Synopsis: a struggling stand-up comedian finds his niche performing for ghosts.

Stand Up Comedian

  • Opened for Patrick Maliha, Zainab Johnson, and Bryan Bertram.
  • Performed at over 100 live shows in 2019
  • Participant in the Seattle International Comedy Festival (2019)
  • All Jane Comedy Festival in Portland (2019)
  • Smash Comedy Festival in Vancouver (2019)
  • White Rock Comedy Festival (2019)
  • Finalist in the US Comedy Competition at the Ice Box in Sacramento (2019)
  • Performed in the award-winning Fringe show Rape is Real and Everywhere. (2019)
Rae Bowser

Rae Bowser

Rae Bowser is a 30-something indigenous, queer, fat chick who loves to write trashy erotica for her own enjoyment. By day, she is an event coordinator where she organizes cultural gatherings and activities for her community. However, Rae’s true love is writing. For as long as she can remember, she’s loved to tell stories and write. That love stuck with her through several career changes, numerous boyfriends and girlfriends, and that weird phase in her life where she had dreadlocks. She writes everything from academic papers to zany Tinder dates.

Of which there are many.

These days you can find Rae writing for Laugh Wild Productions, and spending her free time marvelling at how nicely her favourite pen writes or falling in love with how smooth her newest stationary is.

Nina Wilder

Producer & Owner of Laugh Wild

Born in BC and still being raised, Nina has always had a special place in her heart for comedy. She’s also an actress, writer, and personal trainer.

You can find Nina performing on stage, for camera, and at family dinners around the Greater Vancouver Area and Vancouver Island. When she found herself producing as many comedy shows as she was performing in, she
formed Laugh Wild Comedy as a way to combine her love of performing, mentoring, and type-A need for organization.

(photo credit: Brandon Hart photography

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