Laugh Wild Comedy’s Health & Safety Protocols

Laugh Wild Comedy is committed to the health and safety of our community, including our performers, restaurant/venue staff and their guests. We are fully complying with the guidelines put forth by the Provincial Health Officer and WorkSafe BC and have implemented the following protocols:


As we regularly book different performers each week, we will do a basic screening. As part of our recruitment process, we will:

  • Book only talent local to the lower mainland, who have not travelled outside of the province or been exposed to someone who has travelled outside of the province, unless they are able to self-isolate for 14 days prior to performance.
  • Ask that no performer submit if they are experiencing Covid-19 or flu-like symptoms, as outlined by the BC CDC.
  • Inform all performers and associates of our Covid-19 Safety Procedures, as well as their right to refuse unsafe work if they feel it presents an undue hazard.

Operations & Communication for Performers

Upon securing our performers, we will send out communication, detailing our full Covid-19 Procedure plan including “How to Protect Yourself and Others from Covid-19” (see forms below) as well as for protocols on hand washing, hand sanitization, surface cleaning and our procedures for each of our two performance locations. We will also include instructions on how to self-monitor for symptoms as outlined by the CDC, should they experience any prior to the performance.

On the day of performance, we will verbally inform all our Covid-19 procedures before we begin. This includes:

  • reviewing proper hygiene practices,
  • organizing comics to keep 2 metres physical distance between each other and guests,
  • pointing out hand-sanitizer stations,
  • distributing mic covers and
  • having the mic stand sanitized between each performer.

A designated worker will monitor that procedures are being followed, with necessary power to enforce proper safety protocol, with the most up to date Covid-19 prevention practices.

Any surfaces that are regularly touched (ie. sound board, tables, etc) will be sanitized as well, at regular intervals.

Operations and Communication to Audience

Performers will be directed to a designated area away from audience members to ensure adequate physical distancing throughout the show. We will eliminate any unnecessary movement of performers in the aisles/near tables as much as possible. We also encourage our performers to wear masks when they are not performing.

We encourage audience members to reserve their seats by calling ahead so that we can ensure adequate physical distancing between each other, in their various groups.

We have contactless payment methods available, accepting credit and/or debit card.

Health Resources

🔗 Self-Assessment App in Testing for Covid-19

🔗 Daily Self-Monitoring Form

🔗 How to Self-Isolate

🔗 Information on Masks

🔗 Information on Personal Protection including Hand Washing Etiquette

🔗 Information on What Workers Can Expect to Mitigate Risk of Spreading Covid-19

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